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Looking for a life-long solution to all digestive issues? 

Your search ends here!

Sova GutHeal: The most advanced and effective Gut Health Solution on the market

“I used to only eat rice and curd. In 21 days, I was able to eat most foods (even biriyani!!) after Sova. I feel like I got my life back!” - Pavitra, 33

We fix more than just digestive issues!

With just 5 mins a day spent on Sova


improved their digestion in 2 weeks


 stopped medication entirely


Got freedom from food-related stress 

Here's why users call Sova "life-changing"

Before Sova


"I'm always bloated and gassy"


“I always have to carry antacids (pills) when I travel”


“I question everything I eat, will it get digested?"


"I had to give up my favourite foods & eating outside often"


"I lose sleep due to heart burn & acid reflux" 


"I'm scared my stomach will get upset when I'm in office"

After Sova

"I'm regular and feel lighter"

"I travel leaving the pills & fear at home"

"I know exactly what foods are right for me"

"I can now eat a variety of foods without fear" 

"I sleep through the night without any pain or discomfort"

"I can work without fear of an upset stomach"

Real people, real success stories!

Sova brings to India: The Gut Microbiome Test

Head to the potty!

A small kit for collecting the sample will be delivered to your home. Analyse your unique microbia 

Under the microscope

We use the ‘microbiome sequencing analysis for identifying “the diverse microbial species” within your gut

Advanced Interpretation Engine

We analyse the patterns based on sequencing data and prediction algorithms


Based on our findings, Sova experts create personalised  dietary and lifestyle health plan

A solution that lasts a lifetime

Here is how Sova's GutHeal Works

Nutrition - Hacking

Meet your certified health coach and accountability partner 

Identify and eliminate your condition specific triggers 

Non judgemental guidance on eating habits

1-1 support with daily food decisions to reduce uncertainty

Science backed nudges towards a sustainable lifestyle

Bio - Hacking

Precise Root Cause Analysis using Genetic Sequencing Microbiome Test

Restore your gut microbiome with an ultra personalised nutrition plan

Re-build your microbiome with superfoods, pre-biotics and probiotic 

Long term success plan to maintain a healthy gut for life

Our trusted team of Medical Experts

Invest in (Gut) Health, not medications!



3 consultations with a clinical nutritionist 

Non-restrictive & Empathetic nutritional guidance 

Daily Clinical Nutritionist Support

Eat your favourite foods while discovering potential triggers

Understand the primitive cause of your condition

One-Time Payment of ₹4999
₹2999 for 21 days



13 consultations with a clinical nutritionist 

Gut Microbiome Test to scientifically understand the root cause & triggers of your condition

Daily Clinical Nutritionist Support

Non-restrictive & Easy to Follow Nutritional guidance 

Eliminate Medical Dependence

Gut Health Index

Disease risk assessment

One Time Payment of
₹15999 for 4 months

Still contemplating? We’ve got your back.

Book a FREE consultation with Sova

Our dedicated daily support will be of assistance throughout the process.

Call +919875504964 to reach support. 
Whatsapp us using the chat box on the bottom right corner of your screen

Claim an instant refund if you don't see results in 14 days. Contact Sova Support for immediate assistance.


Who is eligible for the program?

The program is open to anyone suffering from poor gut health and who wants a permanent solution without using medications.

What can I expect in my first consultation?

You will meet your personal Health Coach in the first consult. 

They'll explain the root-cause of your poor gut health and your condition, understand your medical history, discuss your symptoms & set goals. 

Can someone taking medication get on the program?

Absolutely! Sova GutHeal is meant for people who want a permanently healthy gut without using medications. 

Will I get a meal plan?

You’ll get something much better: diet recommendations that are personalized to your food preference, routine and goals. Your health coach will analyze your meals to teach you how to improve your diet for life.

Are there hidden charges?


How is Sova GutHeal different from others?

Medications (allopathic/homeopathy/others alternatives) and supplements only mask the symptoms but do not deal with the root cause. Our program will identify and permanently fix the reason for your unhealthy gut. This way, no more outside medications will be required. 

What results can someone expect in terms of improvements?

Get rid of your symptoms & eliminate medication dependency.


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I can speak and understand English/Hindi/Tamil

I have had atleast one test result with Fasting Blood
Sugar above 126mg/dl or HbA1c above 6.3%

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